Today in Banja Luka, in the Administrative centre of the Government of the Republic of Srpska, there was a conference on the occasion of completion of the first phase of the project “Training of employees who execute the jobs of civil administration for application of information technologies and work on computer”. In the first phase of the project, which was implemented in the past three months, a total of 890 employees of the civil service / administration bodies, including the local self governance units, attended the programme of training to strengthen IT skills in accordance with the “ECDL Base” European standard (European Computer Driving Licence).

The minister of administration and local self governance in the Government of the Republic of Srpska, Ms Lejla Rešić, opened the conference and pointed out that the IT training of the employees of the civil service and officers in the units of local self governance would contribute to improvement of administration and work of the officers. “It is important to widen the IT trainings and organise the trainings such as these, because IT literacy is not only use of the “Word” application”, Rešić said.

General objective of this project, which was financed by the Public Administration Reform Fund, as pointed out by Mr Aleksandar Karisik, head of the Operations Unit of the Public Administration reform Coordinator’s Office, was civil servants capacity building, as well as employees’ in the local self governance units for development of efficient and modern civil administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina in accordance with the European standards, which would be capable to provide quality services to users of its services.

Of the total of 890 attendees of the training from all the administration levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 83%, i.e. 751 attendees acquired the “ECDL Base” diploma, while the remaining 139 attendees would take in the next period the exam for the remaining modules in order to meet the condition to acquire the diploma. The results of the training by administration levels were presented by: Mr Bojan Golić from the Civil Service Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr Aleksandar Radeta from the Civil Administration Agency of the Republic of Srpska, Ms Jasminka Borković, from the Civil Service Agency of the Federation of BiH, and Ms Aldijana Ćulibrk from the Subdepartment for Human Resources of the Government of the Brčko District of BiH.

The ECDL Base diplomas were awarded to the most successful attendees who attended the training in Banja Luka by Ms Mensura Beganović, president of the IT association in BiH, which is the bearer of the ECDL licence for BiH.

The representative of the implementer Net-pro d.o.o. and Eksa d.o.o., Ms Slađana Simić, announced that the second cycle of training would start in September, when new 890 officers would go through the training to acquire the “ECDL Base” diploma, so the total number of educated officers from all the administration levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina would be 1780, as planned by the project.