Nezavisne novine: In the first nine months this year, the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office (PARCO) in BiH has not succeeded to realize not even one out of four planned program assignments. This Office, along with the civil property commissions, or concessions, has the worst results of work out of 25 civil institutions encompassed by the report on realization of work program of the Council of Ministers of BiH from January to September this year.

"Out of four program assignments, the PARCO has not realized any of them. The Civil Property Commission and the Commission for Concessions have had per one program assignment and have not realized it", has been stated in the report on realization of work program of the state government, which has encompassed the results of work of the state ministries, agencies, administrations and commissions.

It has been said in the PARCO that they have prepared all the proposals of changes of laws and decisions, which have not bee put in the procedure in the Council of Ministers.

"The PARCO has prepared all four documents. However, the Proposal Changes of the Law on Council of Ministers of BiH has not been put in the further procedure since the Proposal Decision on Establishment of the Directorate has not been deliberated yet. The PARCO has prepared the Proposal Decision on Establishment of the Directorate, for which we have received the positive opinions from the competent institutions. Prepared has also been the Proposal Declaration on Appointment of the director and deputy director and positive opinions have been received as well. The PARCO has also prepared the Proposal Rulebook on Internal Organization and Systematization of working positions in the Directorate, but this has not been put in the procedure either", has been said by Vedrana Faladžić, Senior Expert Associate for Public Relations of the PARCO.

According to her, it has been expected that these prepared acts will be at some of the upcoming sessions of the Council of Ministers of BiH. 

The Civil Property Commission should prepare the Law on Civil Property, but due to some political disagreements, they have not succeeded to do this. The Commission for Concessions of BiH should do the analysis of legislation and practice in the areas of public procurements, concessions and public-private partnership.

"We have done the analysis in cooperation with the international institution 'Sigma', which is authorized for the evaluation of harmonization of the local legislation and practice with the European norms in this area. The analysis has encompassed a very broad variation of civil and the institutions of the lower government level. Because of that, the public discussion on the preliminary report has lasted longer. We have notified the Council of Ministers of BiH on this. Several days ago we have received a final report and we will send it to the Council of Ministers of BiH", has been said by Hamed Mešanović, Chairman of the Commission.

Last week the Council of Ministers of BiH has adopted the report on realization of its work program, in which it has been said that around 58% of planned has been realized. The majority of civil ministries have realized more than 2/3 of plans, except for the Ministry of Traffic and Communications, which has realized 7 out of 20 program assignments. 

"We have concluded that everyone needs to execute their activities faster, especially when speaking of the preparations of legal projects", has been said by Nikola Špirić, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, after the adoption of this information.