Oslobođenje: From January to November last year in the Federation of BiH the total of 5.717 billion KM of public revenues has been collected and distributed, which is ten % or 527.6 million KM more in relation to eleven months of 2007.

The biggest part of these revenues -38%- has been allocated for the non-budget funds, 32% to the cantonal budgets. 19% has been assigned to the budget of the FBiH, 9% to the municipalities, while 2% has been related to the other users. The biggest growth has been indicated in collecting the revenues in the PDI funds, contribution for health care and insurance from the unemployment.

Totally achieved revenues of the federal budget, without revenues of the indirect taxes to the name of financing the external debt and without funds of financing, are 1.110.800.000 KM. With an inflow of funds of financing of only 0.2 million KM, the revenues have been 1.111 billion KM, has been notified from the Government of the FBiH.