Nezavisne novine: Even though there is a fear that by reducing the salaries to directors of public companies in the FBiH will come to the significant reduction of an average salary in the FBiH, in the funds of the pension and health care insurance they think that this should not affect their revenues.

"That is not a big number of salaries and it would be more important for us that the contribution is being paid on all salaries in a full amount. In the last two months we notice the droop of total revenues, and that is the result of unregistering of workers", says Zarif Safić, spokesperson of the Institute of PDI of BiH.

They do not have the estimations in the Institute for Health Care Insurance either.

"It is hard to make estimations now, but that is not a big number of salaries, or manager contracts", says Novka Agić, director of this Institute.

Just to the purpose of reminding, the House of Representatives of the Parliament of BiH has confirmed the changes of the Law on Incomes of Directors and Members of Supervisory and Management Boards in public companies and institutions of the FBiH, by which those salaries have been reduced to maximally five average salaries in the FBiH, which are now around 770 KM.

Because of the illustration, the salary of director of the Banking Agency in the FBiH is around 11.000 KM, in the "BH Telecom" around 10.000 KM, in the "Elektroprivreda BiH" 7.000 KM, in the "BH Pošta" 6.500 KM and all those salaries will be reduced to the most five average salaries in the FBiH, which is with the actual average salary around 3.850 KM.

But, in April last year the Union of employed in administration of the FBiH has signed with the Government a new joint contract according to which the basis for their salary is 60% of an average salary in the FBiH, and the estimations are that by reducing the highest salaries in the FBiH will come to the reduction of average salary in the FBiH which is the basis for receiving of many other categories.

Because of the newly created situation, the Union of workers in administration of the FBiH today enters the negotiations with the Government of the FBiH on height of their salaries.

"Regarding the fact that we go into the negotiations, it would not be ok that we give any kind of comments", we have been told in this union.

Even though the Prime Minister of the FBiH has on Tuesday asked from parliamentarians to adopt the amendments by which these salaries are being reduced, or are being limited to maximally five average salaries in the FBiH, because "in the time of recession it is not good to have the non stimulated managers in public companies", Minister of Finance in the Government of the FBiH, Vjekoslav Bevanda does not expect more serious consequences on the non budget funds.

"That is not a big number of salaries", Bevanda has said shortly.

The former Prime Minister of the FBiH, Alija Behmen thinks that this is "an arrangement of relations according to the state capital".

"The reduction of salaries of directors will increase the profit of companies, and since the profit is being taxed, the budget revenues will increased", Behmen has explained.

Private employers are satisfied as well.

"We have asked for a reduction of public expenditure which also implies the reduction of salaries of directors in public companies, because in some of them the salaries are enormous, and that is being controlled by nobody", says Remzo Bakšić, Executive Director of the Association of Employers of BiH.

In the Union of Independent unions of BiH, they think that this reduction is a good measure and that even though a moderate reduction of average salary is possible, such decision of the Parliament of the FBiH leads to the arrangement of salary sector.

"Some manager contracts have been unreasonable high, the directors have had incomes bigger than ministers and representatives, we have had a situation that a ratio between an average pension and the highest salary was higher than 1:25 and that was not ok. I do not expect a drastic reduction because it is about the several hundreds of salaries", has been said by Edhem Biber, chairman of the Union.