Nezavisne novine: The public spending in the RS is significantly lower than in the FBiH, but it can be reduced by reorganization of the state administration, has been said by Momir Dejanović, chairman of the Center for Human Politics from Doboj.

He has said that the research of this center have shown that the public administration in the RS is not as badly organized, but it has to be worked on improving its efficacy.

According to him, the biggest problem is the salaries in public administration, which are by 40% higher in relation to an average salary at the level of the state, and that significant savings can be made in that segment.

By the Draft budget for the next year, five republic administrations and 25 republic administrative organizations will cost the citizens a little lower than 80 million KM, which is on the level of this year’s expenditure.

Stojanka Ćulibrk, deputy minister of administration and local self governance of the RS,  has said that it will come to reorganization of the republic administrative organizations, so that, according to the Proposal Law on Republic Administration, instead of the previous five republic administrations, it is being organized six, and instead of 25 republic administrative organizations, 23 are being organized.

Ćulibrk has also said that by adopting this new Law, it has been predicted that individual republic authorities of administration develop into the institutions.

“The Agency for Medicaments, the Agency for Accreditation and Improving the Health Care Protection, the Agency for Selection and Cultivation of Livestock and the Agency for Providing Expert Services in Agriculture, will continue their work as public institutions”, Ćulibrk has said.

She has said that the affairs of the Republic Secretariat for Relations with International Tribunal in Hague and Investigation on War Crimes, will be overtaken by the Republic Center for War Crimes Investigation.

Ćulibrk says that the Proposal Law predicts abolishing the Directorate for Privatization, whose affairs will be taken by the Investment-Developmental Bank.

She has said that the grade of work of the republic administrative authorities is being subject of supervision of the Government of the RS.