The Public Administration Reform Strategy is a comprehensive and universal document that provides a strategic framework for this reform. It is focused on improving general administrative capacity, more precisely the way in which the state administration is organized, how it creates policies, formulates and executes the budget, employs and trains staff.

The strategy was developed by the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, with the support of the European Commission’s Technical Assistance Team. It was preceded by the Systematic Review of Public Administration Institutions of BiH and the Functional Review. The first included general capacities in six areas of public administration: human resources, public finance, legislation, administrative procedure, information technology, institutional communication, and the second an assessment of the distribution of competencies and functions, comparison with the situation in other European countries and recommendations for rationalization and reorganization of functional competencies of administrative institutions. In creating the Strategy, suggestions from the general public were used, collected through workshops, media meetings and surveys.

The strategy sets out the basic principles of public administration reform: openness, participation, accountability, efficiency, effectiveness and coherence, and specifies the objectives of the reform: to make public administration organized, cost-effective and professional and to ensure that it serves citizens, in line with European best practice. The strategy reflects the criteria for accession to the European Union, the values and principles of the European administrative space and is in line with the Medium-Term Development Strategy of BiH and the Strategy of European Integration of BiH.

The BiH Council of Ministers, the Entities Council and the Brcko District Government adopted the Strategy in 2006, reaffirming their commitment and accepting responsibility for implementing public administration reform. With the adoption of the Strategy, the Council of Ministers, the Entities and the Government of the Brčko District have accepted the obligation to regularly report to the public on the progress of the reform and the will to improve it in accordance with the results.

PAR Strategy

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