Project number:
Project name: Political Party and Parliamentary Development Program
Short description: National Democratic Institute (NDI) helps party municipal branches to enhance their connections with local communities by identifying and promoting issue-based politics. NDI also assists non-governmental organizations in building links to political parties and parliaments particularly those representing women and youth. The project works on strengthening State and entity parliaments and assists parliamentary caucuses and committees to develop ties to their constituents and improve their efficiency. A student internship program previously administered by NDI has been successfully taken over by the BiH parliaments with NDI oversight.
Project Area: Institutional communication/Policy making
Donor: USAID
Implementing organization or partner: National Democratic Institute (NDI)
Implementation status: Completed
Duration: May 2003-September 2007
Total Budget (€): 3,671,798.00 (USD 5,200,000.00)
Budget by years of implementation ($): 2004 2005 2006


Contact person for Donor: Kasey Vannett, USAID Sarajevo, Hamdije Ćemerlića 39, phone:+387 33 702 300,