Project number: 00032567
Project name: Technical Assistance for the Establishment of the FBiH Civil Service Agency
Short description:

The appointment of the CS Agency Director and the establishment of the CS Agency represents the first significant opportunity for the Government of FBiH to give a practical demonstration that it is committed to ‘Professionalism’ rather than ‘Patronage’ within public administration, and that it aims to accelerate consistent improvement in levels of governance throughout BiH.

The aim of this project is therefore the design and establishment of the FBiH CS Agency, in the context of developing short/medium-term reform priorities for the FBiH and in particular the role of the Agency in implementing the FBiH CS Law.

Main outputs: 

  • Refurbishment of the Head Office premises
  • Adoption of Annual Work-plan for the Agency
  • Recruitment and selection of Agency personnel (Head office and cantonal offices)
  • Тraining of Agency personnel
  • Drafting and coordination of drafting of the required legislation by the Working Group composed of relevant representatives from FBiH institutions and chaired by CSA FBiH Director

Adoption of Merit-based H-R procedures by FBiH Government

Project Area: Human resources/Administrative procedures
Donor: UNDP Track fund
Implementing organization or partner: UNDP
Implementation status: Finished
Duration: April 2004 – December 2006
Total Budget (€): 250,910.80 (USD 355,339.82)
Budget by years of implementation ($): 2004 2005 2006  
89,399.08 217,891.00 48,049.74  
Contact person for Donor: Elzemina Bojicic, Project Assistant,
+387 33 563 826