Project number: PEU SRE 000440
Project name: Skills for EU
Short description:

Purpose: To build the capacity and improve effectiveness of key government officials involved in EU Integration activities and processes in BiH and Montenegro. Summary: Over the period of three years project will increase administrative and management skills for 160 civil servants (working for the key EU related institutions. Training will cover following areas: communication skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills, formal correspondence and proposal writing, institutional public relations and media management, management skills specific to public administration and understanding the EU laws. Project will also include train the trainers of at least 10 civil servants.

Project Area: Human Resources Management
Donor: British Embassy
Implementing organization or partner: British Council in co-operation with Civil Service Agency and Directorate for European Integration
Implementation status: Completed
Duration: April 2008 – March 2011
Total Budget (€): 221,931.00 (£186,000.00)
Budget by years of implementation: 2007 2008 2009


  £59,000.00 £61,000.00


Contact person for Donor:

Richard Jones, British Embassy, Tina Ujevica 8; phone:+ 387 33 28 22 00; e-mail: