Project number: CARDS/2007/139-914
Project name: Procurement of IT Equipment and Software for the Indirect Taxation Authority in BiH
Short description: The contract is part of a large EU support project for the establishment of an effective ITA in BiH, through the supply of IT equipment to build up their operational capacity. Lot. 1-Handheld analysers (xTP) & Lot 2-Measuring devices (tel. lines).
Project Area: Information technology
Donor: European Commission (EC)
Implementing organization or partner: INSTRUMENTS doo
Implementation status: Completed
Duration: June 12nd 2007-November 13rd 2008
Total Budget (€): 42,602.00
Budget by years of implementation ($):




Contact person for Donor: Faris Hadrović, Skenderija 3a, Sarajevo, phone:+387 33 254 700