The annual meeting, organized by the Directorate for Economic Planning in collaboration with partners in strategic planning of development of the country, was held yesterday in Sarajevo. The annual meeting was attended by representatives of donor and partner institutions in drafting strategic development documents. At the annual meeting, there was a brief presentation of methodology of drafting of Development Strategy and Social Inclusion Strategy of BiH, and the report on economic trends in the first 9 months of 2010, analysis of competitiveness of agricultural and food products in BiH, the analysis of public expenditure in transition countries, and study of potential employment opportunities.

Director of the Directorate for Economic Planning, Ljerka Marić, addressed the audience, briefly focusing on the importance and significance of the Strategy of Social Inclusion and Development Strategy in BiH, thanking the donors and representatives of partner institutions for the support they provided in developing these Strategies.

The Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Directorate for European Integration and the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office as well as the Ministry of Finance are partner institutions in developing strategic documents and in the forthcoming implementation of activities.

The public administration reform is one of the sub-objectives of the Strategy of Social Inclusion, and the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office together with the Directorate for European Integration is the institution responsible for coordination of activities in the process of implementation of strategic documents.

“Cooperation so far of the Directorate for European Integration and the DEP with the PARCO took place through active participation of the representatives of the PARCO in the working groups in the process of preparing the Social Inclusion Strategy and Development Strategy, such as working groups for macroeconomic stability, competitiveness, sustainable development and employment. The PARCO additionally each year in the field of public administration and public finance provides an active contribution to development of the Economic-Fiscal Programme of obligations of BiH”, said Ms. Semiha Borovac, Public Administration Reform Coordinator addressing the audience at the annual meeting and added that “one of the measures of Development Strategy of BiH is implementation of public administration reform of all levels of government, which not only is an essential prerequisite for implementation of obligations from the process of accession of BiH to the EU, but should also make positive fiscal effects in the form of reduced public spending.”

During development of the Social Inclusion Strategy and Development Strategy, among other things, there was also an analysis of the condition, analysis of the strategic documents, defining strategic framework, appointment of groups and subgroups and harmonization of sector objectives. Future steps include defining the system of implementation, the framework for strategic and financial implementation and definition of the monitoring system.