The chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Nikola Špirić, entity prime ministers Milorad Dodik and Mustafa Mujezinović, Minister of Finance of BiH, Dragan Vrankić, Mayor of the Brčko District, Dragan Pajić, and representatives of donors of the PAR Fund from the European Commission Delegation in BiH, as well as the ambassadors of donor countries of Great Britain, Sweden and Netherlands have signed the Annex of the Memorandum on Understanding for Establishment of the PAR Fund.

Signing the Annex has extended investing of mentioned donors in the PAR Fund by the end of 2010. The donors have earlier invested in the Fund 4.5 million Euros, while in the meantime the DfID has done the additional investments in the Fund in the amount of million Euros.

Purpose and manner of functioning of the Fund have been harmonized by the Memorandum, while the operational coordination of the Fund has been entrusted to the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office and legally based on the application of BiH regulations on public procurements.

The Annex stipulates that the Office for Audit of the Institutions of BiH does the annual audit of the PAR Fund.