The public administration reform is the topic of the session of the Parliament for Europe, which is being organized by the Office of the Special Representative of the European Union in BiH, and which will be held on December 17 in Sarajevo, in the hotel Europe.

One of the presenters of this session will be Mister Suad Musić, Deputy BiH Coordinator for Public Administration Reform. Mr. Musić will talk about the importance of implementing Public Administration Reform Strategy in BiH and role of BiH Parliaments in this process.

Other themes of the session:

Building civil service for the EU Member State functioning – Dr. Gregor Virant, professor at the Faculty for Administration, University of Ljubljana and former Slovenian Minister of Public Administration.

Increasing administrative capacity for the EU accession – role of civil service and importance of the process of apolitical appointments – Metodija Dimovski, General Secretary of the Civil Servants Agency of Macedonia

EU Delegation view on meeting the European Partnership priorities related to public administration reform in BiH – Mr. Boris Iarochevitch, Head of Operations of the EU Delegation to BiH

Importance of Regional School for Public Administration (ReSPA), Assistant Minister of the BiH Ministry of Justice, Niko Grubešić.