H.E. Ambassador Dimitris Kourkulas had a meeting with the BiH Public Administration Reform Coordinator, Ms. Nevenka Savić and Deputy Coordinator Mr. Suad Musić on October 25, 2007, in the EC Delegation premises in Sarajevo.

Questions discussed at the meeting were on the current state of the public administration, especially concerning appointment of the representatives of all the administrative levels of authority for the work in the joint supervisory teams and the beginning of their work, and on the beginning of the operational functioning of the Management Board of the Public Administration Reform Fund.

Ambassador Kourkulas has been informed on the result of the previously held plenary meeting of the members and deputy members of all the supervisory teams and on the steps being undertaken with an objective of creating conditions for operational work of these teams. Management of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office acquainted the Ambassador also with the activities undertaken for the beginning of the work of the Public Administration Reform Fund, and especially with the fact that the Office already prepared significant number of project fiches, which will be, after the discussion of the supervisory teams, directed to the Management Board of the Fund for financing. In that context, the significance of ensuring the continuation of the project of the technical assistance to the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, financed by the European Commission, has been stressed.

Ambassador Kourkulas underlined the expectation and the need for speedy start of the work of the Fund, which would strengthen the conviction of the donors on justification of its foundation and make faster implementation of the Action Plan 1 for the Public Administration Reform possible.

It has been concluded that it is needed to continue with the work as well as to intensify the activities for establishment of efficient procedures of approving the project fiches through the supervisory teams and the Management Board of the Fund for the purpose of starting the usage of the donor funds as soon as possible.