Oslobođenje: Digital connecting of notary offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina with judicial registries and land registry officers is the next step in development of this profession in our country. It has been talked about this yesterday with the delegation of the Notary Chamber of Austria, led by the chairman Dr. Klaus Woschank, with chairmen of notary chambers of the Federation of BiH and the Republic of Srpska, Sefedin Suljević and Marinko Plavšić, entity ministries of justice, the Municipal court in Sarajevo and the Supreme Court in Banja Luka.

The chairman of the Supreme judicial and prosecution council of BiH, Milorad Novaković has said that the notary service is very important for the European path and that is why it is necessary to connect and exchange experiences. Novaković expects that the notaries open their offices in all municipalities, in order for their services to be available to a bigger number of citizens. In order for citizens to receive a quick and safe service, necessary is the assistance and partnership of ministries, courts, the Supreme judicial and prosecution council and legislative institutions with notaries, has been mentioned by a chairman of the Notary Chamber of the FBiH, Sefedin Suljević, while speaking on cooperation with notaries from Austria.

– It is significant for the citizens to receive a service on one location. When concluding some kind of contract, we want our citizens to receive an official data by electronic way, from the land registry and that once they sign the contract, it electronically goes to registration. This will also quicken up the procedures and it will surely reduce the costs of parties. Many courts have executed digitalization of registry and land registries. Now, we only need some willingness, professional work and changes of some regulations in order for that to result the way we want – security, speed and efficacy in procedures, has been said by Suljević.

The chairman of the Notary Chamber of the RS, Marinko Plavšić has said that he has talked in detail to his guests on electronic connecting, digitalization of notary offices and their connecting with the land registry officers and registries of economic courts.

In regards to the profession of notaries and their competencies in drafting public documents from the area of traffic of real estates and registration of trading societies, such connection is necessary, has been said by Plavšić. Delegations from Austria and representatives of notary chambers in BiH will today visit the Municipal court in Sarajevo.