Oslobođenje: The Government of the Tuzlanski canton has drafted the new Law on pre-school education in the region of this canton, by which it has been stipulated that one year before going to the elementary school all children must have passed lectures from the program of pre-school education.

The manner, in which this will be realized has not been determined yet, but the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Tuzlanski canton should soon prepare the instructions for implementing this Government’s decision.

Also, by the new law, which will also be deliberated by the Assembly of this canton, improvements in the pre-school education of children with special needs have been determined as well.

– It is also new that the children with special needs will be included in the pre-school institutions, and with the programs adapted to their individual needs – has been explained by the secretary in the Ministry of Education of Tuzlanski canton, Hadžo Kurtović.

Kurtović explains: "For each child there would be an individual program adapted to his/her abilities". He has added that the Government of Tuzlanski canton will co-finance a part of the expenditures of pre-school education for children without parent custody, with special needs, of unemployed parents and of military and civil war victims.