Dnevni avaz: The House of Peoples of the Parliament of the FBiH has on Tuesday accepted the budget proposal for 2009. in a sum of 1.6 billion KM, which is by 233 million smaller in relation to 2008.

Delegates have also accepted the conclusions which have been adopted by the House of Representatives, and by which the Government of the FBiH obligates itself to prepare in a period of two months and send to a parliamentary procedure the laws which imply the reform and a reduction of the budget pressures of the FBiH, especially the social sector. The Government has been obligated by this to prepare in April the budget rebalance as well.

Also, it is obligated to prepare within 60 days the proposal of the Law on Salaries and Remunerations of all budget users.

According to the Federal Prime Minister, Nedžad Branković, the Government will approve all proposals and suggestions stated during this session. The House of Peoples has accepted the Declaration on Assault Conviction in Palestine. Delegates have also adopted the Proposal Law on Amnesty, which has been suspended in 2005. by the High Representative.

Precocious retirement

The House of Peoples has accepted the Changes and Amendments to the Law on PDI, by which it has been ensured to the workers who in the process of transition remain without job, the right on a precocious retirement. The deadline for using this right is being prolonged until 2015.