Nezavisne novine: The Supervisor for the District of Brčko, Rafi Gregorian has adopted the Decree on Interim Financing of Institutions of the District for the period from January 1st to March 31st, 2009., in the amount of 26.734.764 KM.

From the Office of the Supervisor for the District of Brčko has been notified that the Law on Budget of the District of Brčko stipulates the possibility that the Assembly ensures the interim financing in case that the budget for the next year cannot be adopted in deadlines prescribed by the Constitution and the Law.

"Since the Assembly of the District has not yet started its work in its regular mandate, because of the negotiations currently led between political parties on future governing coalition, it is not able to adopt the budget or decision on interim financing before the end of the year in order to ensure the financial obligations of the District", has been stated in the announcement.

As it has been explained, after announced consultations with the representatives of the Executive and Legislative Government, Gregorian has decided to bring the Decision on Interim Financing by decree, so he can ensure that unavoidable expenditures can be realized, legal obligations fulfilled and continuity in functioning of the local community ensured.