International conference FOCUS on innovation and communication in public administration

On the next Friday, 16 March, in Ilidža in the Hotel Hollywood, there will be a conference on innovation and communication in public administration and public companies FOCUS. This would be the first conference having as an objective gathering all those that deal with communication and working in institutions, state agencies and public companies.

“Over the past 20 years, through various foreign associations and organisations, seminars and workshops related to the communication processes were held, for which it was donated and spent, in my estimation, more than one and a half million euros, either in preparation or in execution. Nevertheless, a large number of decision-makers, I dare say even more than 70%, still insufficiently appreciate the role of those who work in public relations of public institutions and public companies. All these seminars and workshops have not gathered so far, in an integrated manner, all civil servants in public administrations and public companies in one place. Exactly that is the goal of the FOCUS, because it is time to have more appreciation for the profession of public relations and those who perform the duties of managers, officers and spokespersons in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the public administration system”, Organizing Committee President, Danijel Koletić, said.

The organiser does not expect more than 70 participants, having in mind that this is the first conference of its kind and that the awareness of politicians making decisions on financing of these programmes is unfortunately very small to involve in this event those that communicate and manage their own rating, as well as various institutions and agencies, and their projects.

Only true political leaders and directors understand the mission, importance, and role of public relations, since the goal of every employee in that sector is to serve the people. Unfortunately, the situation is more than ever critical, not only in this sector, but also in the private sector, because Bosnia and Herzegovina does not have an active association for public relations to date. Communication is the key to success and understanding because employees in public administration and public companies should not be here for their own sake, but because of the people and in the service of the people, and for this reason this conference is held under the motto closer to people.