Dragan Ćuzulan, the public administration reform coordinator, and Goran Žeravčić, director of the company Kronauer Consulting d.o.o., signed today in Sarajevo the contract on implementation of the project “Training of Public Relations Officers” – phase II.

The objective of the project is improvement of competencies of the public relations / information officers in the institutions and administration bodies of all the levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina through specific trainings. Implementation of the project should ensure a support to the public administration reform in BiH, and provide a better contribution to implementation of the general objective in the reform area of institutional communication.

“Public administration reform in the field of institutional communication is in the function of increase in transparency and accountability of the government bodies to the public, and communication is a key element that demonstrates that organisation, and/or institution is accountable to the citizens. Decisions based on the real needs of the beneficiaries and the modern trends in development of communication and public relations are one of the main preconditions for effective and efficient work of the officers dealing with public relations in the civil service”, Ćuzulan pointed out. He added that successfulness of functioning of the system of strategic communication greatly depends on the permanent improvement and development of human resources, in this case the public relations officers, and he reminded that this is a continuation of the project that was implemented in 2010.

“Our task is to analyse the condition regarding the existing trainings at all the levels of civil service and participation of the civil servants in those trainings, and based on that analysis to prepare and implement a specific training programme for communicators in public administration, which would be based on modern trends and real needs of the beneficiaries”, Žeravčić pointed out.

The value of the contract is BAM 115,830.00, VAT included. The implementer of the project is Kronauer Consulting d.o.o., and the project is expected to be completed in eight months.

This would be the ninth project from the field of public administration reform, whose implementation started this year.