At today's session, the Council of Ministers, on the proposal of the General secretariat, has adopted the Work program of  the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2014  , which stipulates  the consideration and adoption of more than 640 program tasks – laws, bylaws, international  contracts and agreements, materials  from the  area of the EU, strategies, programs and action plans, policies, analyses and other documents under the  competence of the Council of Ministers of BiH.

In the process of the European integration, which will along   with the activities directed towards the Euro-Atlantic integration be the priority of all priorities in work of the Council of Ministers of BiH in 2014,  the adoption of 65 documents has been stipulated.

In the focus of work of the Council of Ministers of BiH there will be  a continuation of economic reforms and ensuring  compatibility of  domestic economy with the European Economic Area, continuation of the  public administration reform, improving  safety of citizens and property, intensifying regional and the cooperation with international institutions, as well as the completion of negotiations for the accession of BiH to the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Among the planned laws there are laws on :  state property, foreign affairs, custom policy, aviation, international protection in the field of asylum, value added tax, excises, custom policy of BiH, as well as other laws.

At the same time  planned have been  many changes and amendments to the existing laws with the goal of  harmonizing  them with the European standards and improving internal procedures, among which are  changes  of the Law on Financing  Institutions of BiH, by which the financial inspection should be established.

The Council of Ministers plans in this year the adoption  of number of strategies, such are: strategy of health system reform in BiH; development of sports, development of small and medium sized companies by 2020, the strategy of the broadband access in BiH, as well as the strategy of development of metrology,   has been said by the Information Service of the Council of Ministers of BiH.