"The process of decision making in the EU and public administration reform in Central and Eastern Europe through the EU accession process" is the name of the seminar held in Sarajevo from September 15-17, 2010. The seminar was organized by  Federal Academy of Public Administration from Germany.

Participants were representatives of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator's Office and members of supervisory teams from the reforms area.

The aim of the seminar was to improve participants knowledge of the decision-making process in the EU, and to become familiar with the procedural mechanism in European and multilateral negotiations, and rules and procedures of the Council and the role of the Commission in the negotiations as well.

Additional seminar topics were to compare the information on the structure, strategy, implementation and sustainability of public administration reform in transitional states, particulary in the new EU members and candidate states.

Speakers at the seminar were Anke Freibert from the Federal Academy of Public Administration, Sigrid Selz, a longtierm  Germany representative in Brussels, and Francisco Cardona, Sigma/OECD expert on the public administration reform.

This seminar represents the continuation of the cooperation of the Federal Academy of Public Administration, which operates within the German Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Public Administration Reform Coordinator's Office.