In the rooms of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator's Office in the period from February 19th to 20th, 2009., there has been held the workshop on topic "Coordinating the interview and using the frame of skills in the process of candidate selection", which has been led by the lecturers from the National school for administration of Great Britain.

The participants of this workshop were the civil servants from the federal level and the level of the institutions of BiH, who are included in the project "Improvement of the recruiting process and staff selection", which is being realized in the reform area human resources management.  

During the first day, the participants have been introduced to three key areas related to professional selection and recruiting in general:

1.   Development of the skill frame and its usage (skills and job description, abilities and selection)

2.    Development of criterions of selection (estimation of applicable form and letter of motivation)

3.    Principles of good practice in the process of leading the interview (validity of selection, organization and coordination, supplemental documents, techniques of questioning, estimation).

Second day, the participants have had a chance through a practical interviewing exercise to apply the knowledge and skills which have been presented, after which the group discussion on the importance of using the skill frame by leading the interview has followed.  

Workshop has been concluded by summing up the results and impressions from practical exercise, with feedbacks and concrete suggestions of lecturers on importance of using the frame of skills in the process of selecting the candidates.