Yes – voted 78% of the viewers of the “'News Plus” broadcast of the television station Alfa, showed on January 22nd, 2008 at 19.15 hours. The show was dedicated to the public administration reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the guest was Nevenka Savić, the state coordinator for public administration reform. Referendum question of the show was “BiH needs urgent public administration reform?”, and the viewers voted through the sms. The result of voting showed that only 22% of the viewers do not think that the public administration reform is necessary. That, yet again showed that the citizens as well are aware of the necessity of the reform and creation of more efficient and more effective public administration in BiH.

The show started with feature on signing of the sub agreement by which Sweden donates 1.5 million Euros to the public administration reform through the Public Administration Reform Fund. During the further course the stress was put on the achievements so far in the reform, on plans, results and estimated duration of the process. Nevenka Savić gave the basic information on the current condition in the area of the public administration reform and the activities of the Coordinator’s Office. She explained the principle of functioning and the structure of managing of the Public Administration Reform Fund, which amounts to 4.5 million Euros.

She also pointed out that the Office prepared two projects from the area of institutional communication, which would be proposed to the Management Board for financing. Those projects are related with the training of the information officers and establishment of the info stands and it is expected that they are implemented in this year.

Ms. Savić concluded that the public administration reform is exceptionally significant process, both from the aspect of euro integrations and in view of benefits the citizens and the whole society will have from the improved public administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina.