On May 13, 2024, the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office with the support of SIGMA held an online workshop for supervisory teams (ST) for the entire area of service delivery. The workshop included an overview of the revised SIGMA principles, reflection on the Action plan and the current draft of the document.

A special review was given to the SIGMA principles or sub-principles that can serve as a guide for refining activities or defining them more precisely. The key prioritized topics that need to be paid special attention to in the context of BiH, and which have proven to be key success factors in other countries as an example of good practices, were reviewed.

The second point of the workshop was related to the overview of the activities offered in the current working document. Previously, SIGMA gave comments on activities and proposals for revised activities. During the workshop, colleagues from SIGMA gave additional suggestions on how to improve and reorganize activities. These examples can serve as a methodology for working with STs on an Action plan document in the sense of refocusing or re-examining activities and their role in the entire system.

That is, how can a clearer and more concise plan be achieved by reformulating activities. A special focus was placed on institutional capacities, that is, the need for stronger institutional responsibility for the implementation of certain activities.