Semiha Borovac, State PAR Coordinator in BiH has held a meeting today in Sarajevo with the PAR Coordinator from the Federation of BiH, Mirsada Jahić and the Deputy PAR Coordinator from the Republic of Srpska, Mikan Davidović.  It has been talked about the list of priority projects in this year which will be financed from the PAR Fund.

Besides other, the list contains the projects which will offer a direct benefit for BiH citizens as well as the business society in BiH. It is about the projects as are: "Design of Software for Support in Legal and Other Regulations Drafting", "Capacity Building for Combat against Corruption in BiH Civil Service", "Establishment and/or Strengthening of Capacities of Institution/s for Regulations Control and Establishment of Administrative Barriers Reduction System", "Implementation of Common Services for E-Services" and other.

The public administration reform coordinators have also talked about the preparation of materials for initiating of holding the session of the Co-ordination Board

on Economic Development and European Integration, the authority accountable for deliberating the issue of the PAR implementation in BiH. It has also been talked about finalizing the document "Guidelines for Monitoring and Reporting on Implementation of the Revised Action plan 1 of the PAR Strategy", which should be adopted at the session of the PAR Fund Joint Management Board, planned for February this year.

The State PAR Coordinator has informed the coordinators that the document "Basics to Development of the Action plan 2" has been finalized and that the information on preparatory activities for its drafting and the proposal decision on forming the inter-governmental working group have been done as well. Public administration reform coordinators have been given the additional deadline for declaration on these materials, which will at the end be forwarded to the entity governments, the Government of the Brčko District of BiH and the Council of Ministers of BiH for deliberation. The second Action plan will basically deal with the organization of administration/administrations in BiH.

In the work program of the CoM of BiH for 2012 emphasized has been that the Action plan 2 of the PAR Strategy will be proposed, which represents a key priority for implementing measures from the European Partnership.