Semiha Borovac, National Public Administration Reform Coordinator in BiH and Ivan Dragošan, representative of the consortium SRC Ljubljana, SRC Beograd and Avacom Mostar have signed the contract on realization of the project "Budget Management Information System (BMIS)". The project is worth 748.500.78 KM; will be financed through the Public Administration Reform Fund.

Mrs. Borovac has pointed out that it is about the project from the reform area Public Finance of the Action Plan 1 of the PAR Strategy in BiH, which relates to increasing the effectiveness and performance of budget management, as well as on developing software for drafting budget compatible with the treasury system.

"The project will contribute to more efficient and more exact budget management through the information system, harmonized with the best European budget management standards", has been said by Borovac, who also added that our country, by introducing the BMIS, will receive the modern information system based on centralized databases that will be placed in the ministries of finance at all four government levels, therefore all the budget institutions will be able to access the budget preparation over an online system.

 Such system will enable decision-makers, auditors and citizens to know exactly the purpose of each KM planned in the state budget, and for which public institutions. Besides that, increased will be the reliability of budget management, improved the exactness, while the errors will be reduced to a minimum. It will bring to the time savings, because the budget departments are currently entering the requests of all budget users manually.   

"From 14 projects planned by the AP1, the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office has realized four, while seven of them are in the process of realization, two are in the public procurement procedure, and one in the preparation phase", has been explained by the Mrs. Borovac.

Ivan Dragošan, representative of the consortium that will implement the project, has pointed out that such project has already been implemented in some EU Member States, and added that it is about the project based on the most modern technology platforms.

 Emir Silajdžić, Federal Minister of Finance Deputy, has in behalf of the project beneficiaries said that the new project has a huge significance for the ministries of finance, especially because it will make the work on drafting budget much easier and improve the coordination between the ministries at all government levels.

Mato Lučić, Director of the Finance Directorate of the Brčko District of BiH, has expressed his appreciation because of the fact that the introduction of this system will make all the relevant information available to those who actually fill the budget, the citizens. He has added that this will also be a good foundation for more exact, more transparent and more purposeful long-term budget planning in the Institutions of BiH.

The project implementation will last 18 months.