Trade unions – partners in public administration reform


In Banja Luka on Friday, April 26, 2024, a conference on challenges and perspectives in the process of public administration reform on the European path of Bosnia and Herzegovina was held and participants were coordinator Željko Škarica, deputy coordinator for the public administration reform of the Republika Srpska Mikan Davidović and coordinator for the public […]

Božo Marić: “Political shackles should be removed from the backs of civil servants, the government is afraid of the register of employees in the public administration”


Public administration should be depoliticized, more efficient, more economical, more transparent. It should be electronically, digitally available to the majority of citizens. And to work much faster and more efficiently, which is the demand of both the business community and the majority of citizens. This is what the president of the Republika Srpska Administration Trade […]

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