Project number:
Project name: Governance Accountability Project (GAP 1)
Short description: USAID and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) are jointly funding GAP (for a total of $20 million). GAP is improving the customer service profiles and the administrative /management systems of 40 local governments through direct municipal interventions, including the construction of One-Stop-Shop, which dramatically reduce waiting times for citizens by consolidating customer service for the entire municipality at one location. GAP is also helping local governments to improve management of their finances by providing technical assistance designed to help them better control and rationalize revenues and expenditures. The project helps local governments to strengthen their common voice through association building.
Project Area: Administrative procedure/Public finance
Donor: USAID/ the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)
Implementing organization or partner: Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI)
Implementation status: Completed
Duration: July 2004- September 2007
Total Budget (€): 7,343,596.00 (USD 10,400,000.00) – USAID
8,129,119.00 (SEK 75,000,000.00) – SIDA
Budget by years of implementation ($): 2004 2005 2006


Contact person for Donor: Kasey Vannett, USAID Sarajevo – Hamdije Ćemerlića 39, 387-33-702-300,
Mario Vignjevic, National Programme Officer, Embassy of Sweden- SIDA, Ferhadija 20, +387 33 276 034, fax; +387 33 276 060; mob.+387 61 142 883, email: