Project number: 00053273
Project name: E-Government at the BiH Council of Ministers and the Grants Resources Management System (GRMS)
Short description: This project proposal consists of two closely linked components:
The e-Government Reform Project at the BiH Council of Ministers (CofM) will be the first step in the overall reform of BiH public administration. The project will introduce a pilot e-Government system in the BIH Council of Ministers, as a prelude to more comprehensive e-Government activities to follow. This pilot project will serve as a trial for the development and implementation of an overall e-Government Projects for the Council of Ministers.
The Grants Resources Management System (GRMS) project will provide a practical public finance management tool. The objective of GRMS is to support the country’s public finance management system/s by providing a system for the registry and reporting of grants assistance made available to the public sector in BiH.
Project Area: Information Technology
Donor: European Commission (EC)
Implementing organization or partner: UNDP
Implementation status: Completed
Duration: September 2006 – December 2007 (additional 6month
extension expected)
Total Budget (€): 1,080,000.00 (USD 1,328,754.36)
Budget by years of implementation ($):




Contact person for Donor: Tarik Zaimovic, ICT Portfolio Manager (
Zlatan Sabic, eGovernment Project Manager (
Merima Avdagic, GRMS CTA (