Project number: CARDS/2006/129-133
Project name: Capacity Building of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury in Decentralization Implementation System in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Short description: Overall objective of the project is to enable BiH to manage the EC assistance under Decentralized Implementation System (DIS). The TA will develop institutional capacity for progressive process of decentralization.
Project Area: Capacity building
Donor: DEU
Implementing organization or partner: EAST WEST CONSULTING SPRL
Implementation status: Ongoing
Duration: November 11 2006 – February 19 2009 (extended until February 19 2010)
Total Budget (€): 1,599,440.00
Budget by years of implementation ($): 2006 2007 2008




Contact person for Donor: Irena Šotra, Task Manager, Skenderija 3a, Sarajevo, phone:+387 33 254 700,