Project number: 01-07-132/08
Project name: Designing and Establishment of the Interoperability Framework and Standards for Data Exchange
Short description:

Overall objective

The overall objective of the project is: creation and adoption of an interoperability framework for public administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on all levels of government.

Purpose of the project

• To develop e-Government Interoperability Framework document for public administration in BiH (IFBiH), fully compliant with EU Interoperability Framework (EIF). IFBiH should define aspects of operational, semantic and technical interoperability, and define common and open standards for data exchange and metadata definition based on XML. • To develop common standards for architecture and development of applications in public administration • To develop strategy on public registers and development of registers.

Project Description

The project consists of five components: Component 1

The first project component of the project deals with development of e-Government Interoperability Framework for BiH (IFBiH). IFBiH document has to include aspects of organizational, semantic and technical interoperability for applications and information systems within public administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, covering all levels of government.

Component 2

Second component of the project is directed to development of standards and guidelines for data interchange and metadata sharing, based on open standards (XML). The project needs to create the first version of data dictionary consisting of XML schemata and define guidelines and policies for their periodical update and review

Component 3

The third project component deals with development of standards for system architecture and application development. The standards should be based on best international practices, and define not only the general requirements, but also specific aspects relevant to contracting IS development (IS project requirements, conditions for implementers, testing, acceptance, maintenance, upgrade, etc.).

Component 4

The fourth component aims at review of the existing partial electronic registers, proposing optimal solutions for their harmonization and interconnection, and unifying implementation in public administration bodies where necessary. On that basis, the project will propose priorities for implementation of public registries.

Component 5

The fifth component of the project is related with testing of the interoperability framework and analysis of developed standards.

Project Area: Information Technology
Contracting Authority: Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office in BiH
Implementing organization or partner: Info Dom d.o.o. Zagreb

Target groups of the projects will be the governments of the entities, the Government of the Brčko District of BiH, the Council of Ministers of BiH and public administration bodies on all levels of government.

Geographical Area to be Covered/Location: The project relates to the entire territory of BiH, both Entities and Brčko District.
Implementation status: Finished
Duration: May 23, 2011 – May 23, 2012 (Project implementation has been extended by October 31, 2012.)
Total contracted budget without VAT (in KM):

163.736,00 KM

Contracted budget by years of implementation (KM): 2011 2012 2013


81.868,00 81.868,00


Contact person for Donor: Azra Busuladžić, Expert Adviser for Information Technology Area, Vrazova 9, Sarajevo, phone. 033-565-780, fax: 033-565-761,