The Memorandum of Understanding for the Establishment of the Public Administration Reform Fund is a document that defines the conditions and procedures for financial support of public administration reforms and provides a framework for consultations between donors, Public administration reform coordinator’s office in BiH,  Ministry of finance and treasury BiH, and the public administration reform coordinators in the Bosnian entities and the Brčko District.

The memorandum was signed on behalf of the BiH authorities in July 2007 by the Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers, the Entity Prime Ministers and the Mayor of the Brčko District, and on behalf of the donors by the Dutch, British and Swedish Ambassadors and the Head of the European Delegation to BiH. The purpose and manner of functioning of the Fund are harmonized by the Memorandum, and the operational management of the Fund is entrusted to the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office and legally based on the application of BiH regulations on public procurement. By signing the Memorandum, the formal conditions for the use of the Fund’s funds in the amount of 4.5 million euros for the implementation of reform measures set out in the Action Plan 1 of the Public Administration Reform Strategy in BiH were met.

Memorandum of understanding

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1. Memorandum of understanding 163.5KB
2. Odluka Predsjedništva BiH o prihvatanju MoU 156.7KB
3. Odluka Vlade Brčko distrikta BiH o usvajanju MoU 82.0KB
4. Preporuka Federalnog Ministarstva pravde Vladi FBiH za usvajanje MoU 109.4KB
5. Zaključak Vijeća ministara BiH o davanju saglasnosti na MoU 143.7KB
6. Zaključak Vlade RS o prihvatanju MoU 119.6KB