Dragan Ćuzulan, state public administration reform coordinator and Alan Ćatić, director of the Infodom, signed today in Sarajevo the contract on implementation of the project “Upgrade of the Information System in the Civil Service  Agency of the Federation of BiH, the Civil Administration Agency of the Republic of Srpska and the Sub-Department for Human Resources of the Brčko District of BiH”.

Specific purpose of the project is ensuring more efficient, more modern and a timely human resources management in the civil service bodies of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Srpska and the Brčko District of BiH through information technologies.

“Currently, each agency uses different information systems. However, information systems used in the ADS FBiH and the Sub-Department for Human Resources of the BD BiH are already outdated and without the possibility of upgrade, so a completely new system needs to be established, which would facilitate and automate complete HR processes of the services dealing with human resources management, of course with an adequate data migration from the existing systems. In the RS, where a functional system for human resources management exists, it is planned to implement the missing modules, i.e. modules that support the functions of employment, training and improvement”, said Ćuzulan.

The director of the Infodom stressed that the project needs to contribute to a more efficient public administration regarding modernising the manner of maintenance of the records of the civil servants and human resources management in general.

“Development of the electronic register of civil servants will improve strategic linking of all the institutions with the civil service / administration agencies, and enable a quick information exchange regarding the number of employees, as well as their professional qualifications. With data on employment record of each civil servant, the institutions will be able to plan more efficiently future employments, retirements or reassignment of the existing officers in each of the institutions”, said Ćatić.

He also added that the project would contribute to a more transparency in planning and implementation of the competition procedures in public administration and improve the level of trust in the institutions regarding an efficient human resources planning.

The project is implemented by the Infodom and the Lanaco, and the value of the contract is BAM 812,394.86, VAT included.

The implementation would take 18 months.