On 29, 30 and 31st October 2017, organised by the Commission for foreign relations of the EU (C.R.E.E.) and the Institute of the EU for administration and quality E.U.I.Q.A. (Brussels), the conference on quality and efficiency of institutions took place in Sharm el Sheihk.

The objective of the conference was to network and exchange experiences and learned lessons in the field of quality management of the countries of Europe and Middle East and the region of North Africa. This event was a unique opportunity to strengthen the cooperation in the field of quality management and organisational development of public sector at the national and regional level, and it gathered representatives of public sector and decision makers who advocate positive changes and progress in work of public administration (representatives in positions of policy making and officials who currently work on introduction of quality management in the agencies and ministries, and those in positions of human resources management and organisation development).

Participants were the representatives of the World Bank, the GIZ, chairpersons and representatives of the biggest international companies and Arabic and European commercial institutions, public administration institutes of the Middle East and North Africa, management of the Arabic public institutions, representatives of the public institutions interested in introduction of the CAF in the Middle East and North Africa, development and quality managers of Arabic and European institutions, and the representative of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office.

The trends in the public administration reform and the European dynamics of development of quality management, the SIGMA principles of public administration, the EFQM, the CAF principles, the added value of quality management in Germany, the roadmap of organisation improvement through the CAF, the leadership, development of structured approach to quality management at the state level (example of Bosnia and Herzegovina), 360 approach and job description and profiling, were discussed among others, by: Patrick Staes – international expert for quality management and the CAF, Nick Thijs – international expert for public sector reform, capacity building, quality management and the CAF, Tihana Puzić – senior advisor of the Programme of Strengthening of Public Institutions in BiH, Mohamed El-Gheriany – secretary general of the Foreign Relations Commission of the EU in Beussels, Christhoph Hehl – head of the department for organisation development, quality management, process management and project management, Peter Vagi – senior adviser for policy making, strategies and reform – state coordinator for Egypt (SIGMA), Marianna Sokolova – consultant in the field of human resources management and Ahmed El Maamoun El Safi – advisor for continuous development and improvement of public institutions and author of the book on improvement of institution – inventor and former director of the CAF project of the Taxation Administration of Egypt and member of the project of the World bank on knowledge for the Middle East and the countries of North Africa (MENA).

The path and the approach of Bosnia and Herzegovina in introduction of quality management in public administration were presented by the representatives of the Programme of Strengthening of Public Institutions by the GIZ and the Public Admninistration Reform Coordinator’s Office. The examples from the PARCO served as a good practice in discussion on the importance of timely involvement and information to the management of the institutions/the governments regarding the whole process.