The Council of Ministers of BiH adopted the Progress Report of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office (monitoring of implementation of the Revised Action Plan 1 of the Strategy of Public Administration Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina) for the period January – June 2017.

In the first half of this year, 69 per cent of the objectives from the Revised Action Plan 1 were implemented, which is one per cent more in relation to the previous year, and the biggest progress of two per cent was noted at the state level.

The biggest number of objectives in total, observing by the reform areas from the Revised Action Plan 1, was achieved in the area of Institutional Communication, 79 per cent, and the biggest percentage of implementation of the objectives in this area is at the state level, 85 per cent. The smallest implementation of the objectives is in the area of e-Administration, 50 per cent. The biggest biannual increase in meeting the objectives was noted in the areas of Strategic Planning, Coordination and Policy Making and Human Resources Management.

Observing the overall achievement of objectives from the RAP1, the biggest percentage, 75 per cent of implementation, is still noted by the administration of the Republic of Srpska, while the smallest percentage of achievement was achieved in the Brčko  District of BiH and in the Federation of BiH, where 64 per cent of the objectives from the RAP 1 was achieved. The Report and the attachment to the Report can be downloaded here:

Biannual Progress Report 2017

Attachment – overview of implementation of the activities by the reform areas of the RAP 1