At the press-conference, held in Banja Luka, on Friday, July 1, 2011, results of the first cycle of project “Training of Civil Servants for the use of information technologies and computer skills” have been presented. It is about the first cycle of informatics training for civil servants at all government levels: BiH, the Federation of BiH, the Republic of Srpska and the Brčko District of BiH.
The long-lasting goal of this project is development of the efficient and modern state government, harmonized with the European standards, able to respond to demands of integration processes in the EU and to ensure more qualitative service for citizens, beneficiaries from the economy sector, as well as all other beneficiaries of its services.

“Gaining knowledge and skills from the IT area and applying personal computers is directed to the increase of individual and total potential of civil servants, as well as the whole process of shaping their qualifications, which directly affects modernizing of work, increasing the general level of digital literacy (literacy in informatics) in civil service, which generally affects the modernization and change into the better, in the everyday administration functioning”, has been said by Aleksandar Karišik, project manager and the expert adviser for public administration reform. Project beneficiaries will be able to work on computers by the ECDL standard. Successful trainees will be enabled for earning the internationally approved informatics skills certificate, which has been approved in more than 140 world countries.


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 “Accepting the European and world standards is the best way for our country to pass the transition period quickly and become a full-right member of the huge European family.  Education by the ECDL standard, as the informatics literacy standard, which has been recommended and strongly supported by the European Commission, we see as our contribution and little step in that direction”, has been said by Amir Mulalić, director of the Computer Education Center CCED from Sarajevo.

The project is worth 819.737.50 KM, and will be implemented in a period of 14 months. It is financed through the Public Administration Reform Fund, and in behalf of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, realized by the consortium and companies CCED Sarajevo, BHM Zenica, ECDL ECT Banja Luka and Net PRO Brčko, as well as KING ICT Sarajevo and King ICT Zagreb.


Goal of the project is capacity building of civil servants in the government authorities of the Council of Ministers of BiH, the Federation of BiH, the Republic of Srpska and the Brčko District of BiH, for a practical application of knowledge from the area of information technologies, in the everyday work and increasing the general level of digital literacy in civil service.