The Council of Ministers of BiH adopted the Communication Strategy of the Council of Ministers of BiH and the Action Plan for its implementation for the period 2010 – 2011, in order to improve transparency and accountability in institutional decision making and establish two-way communication with the citizens.

Mid-term strategy defined short term and mid-term communication objectives, target groups, communication channels, basic messages and result analyses.

Draft of this strategy came from the Strategy of Public Administration Reform in BiH and the process of European integrations.

Responsibility for implementation of the Communication Strategy is in the Information Service of the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers of BiH.

Action plan stipulates concrete activities which will be implemented by the Information Service with the public relations officers in the ministries in the period 2010 – 2011. Communication action plans will be adopted on annual basis for the next period and they will enable measuring and analysis of fulfilment of the set objectives. Adoption of communication strategy is of utmost significance because it directly contributes to fulfilment of the measure IC2 – Communication Planning from the Action Plan 1.

Draft of Communication Strategy was one of the activities of the project “Draft – Revision of Communication Strategies of the Council of Ministers of BiH, the Government of the FBIH, the Government of the RS and the Government of the Brčko District” which was, on behalf of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, implemented by the Djikic Consulting Services d.o.o.