The one-day workshop on principles of project cycle management, and application of those principles in the implementation of projects financed from the Public Administration Reform Fund, has been held on October 27, 2009 in Sarajevo. The workshop, held in the Parliament of BiH building, has been attended by the members of Supervisory teams for implementation of the Action Plan 1 of the Public Administration Reform Strategy, entity coordinators for the public administration reform, as well as representatives of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office (PARCO) – the organizer of this event.

The workshop was led by Stefan Friedrichs, consultant of the Federal Academy for Public Administration (Die Bundesakademie für öffentliche Verwaltung –  BAKöV) from Germany, co-organizer of the event. The goal of this workshop was the improvement of cooperation during the operational project implementation, through the participation of representatives of other institutions included in the work of implementation structures, which have been determined through the Common Platform on Principles and Manner of Implementation of the Action Plan 1.

The event has consisted of two thematic parts. First part has encompassed the presentation of theoretic concept of the Project Cycle Management – PCM and its components. This concept is being used by the European Commission as well, and the procedures of preparation and implementation of projects financed from the Public Administration Reform Fund are also being based on it.

Presentation "Project management in the Public Sector: monitoring and Reviewing Activities, Resources and Results" can be downloaded here .

Second part of the workshop has consisted of a practical work through the working groups formed of participants. The goal of this practice was identifying good practices and current obstacles, through an overview of the current condition, as well as suggestions and recommendations for further work.

The participants have been focused on certain components of the whole process, as are communication, organization capacities, previous activities and management procedures. Mentioned segments have been generally graded as satisfactory, with the consultation that there is a room for a further progress. Also, it has been pointed out that the collected information will be of a huge significance in further process of the improvement of procedures and processes.

The workshop has been held in a frame of the seminar "Project Cycle Management in the context of preparation and implementation of projects financed by funds of the PAR Fund", which is being held in Sarajevo from 26 to 29 October, 2009. The program, organized by the PARCO and the BAKöV, has a goal of educating of all those, who are included in the process of the public administration reform implementation through the projects financed by the PAR Fund. This mostly refers to the improvement and development of expert knowledge, aquatinting with good practices, as well as searching for solutions for eventual obstacles in this process.

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