On October 12 and 13, this year, in organization of the British Council, in Sarajevo will be held a workshop for civil servants, called “Public Relations and Media Work” (in a frame of the project “Skills for EU”). The project is being financed by the Government of Great Britain.

Focus of the project “Skills for EU” is strengthening capacities of the employed of the state institutions of BiH in accordance with the international standards, and with a goal of more efficient execution of duties in the process of joining the Euro-Atlantic structures.

Workshop consists of two parts for two target groups:

– for spokespersons (PR personnel) responsible for work with media and public relations at the state institutions (two working days);

– for manager personnel, which constantly faces media (half of working day of the second workshop day).

The British Council does the training in cooperation with the British Company “Pinnacle” based in London and Brussels. The “Pinnacle” has a long-time experience of holding the trainings from the area of PR for multi-national companies, ministries, organizations of local, regional and state level, non-government organizations and the European institutions.