Dnevni avaz: In the Federation of BiH there are currently more than thousand laws, rulebooks, regulations and decisions which have lapsed or are unchangeable. This mess is a result of the change of political systems which have been adopting their laws, while “forgetting” to erase the old solutions.

Duplication of laws

In order to stop this, Ibrahim Tirak, director of the Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs and Feliks Vidović, Federal Minister of Justice, have yesterday with the chief of the Advisory group of the International Financial Corporation (IFC), Phillip Condon in Sarajevo signed the Memorandum on Understanding on Regulatory Reform “Guillotine of regulations”. The IFC will spend 270 thousand dollars for this project.

– Duplication of laws happens very often, which brings damage to institutions, companies, investors and citizens. It happens that citizens, owners of companies or future investors do not know which documents they need for certain purpose, or should they ask the Federation, cantons or municipalities for them – Tirak explains for “Dnevni avaz”.

“Guillotine of regulations”, the instrument for a quick overview of regulations, abolishing those which are no longer needed and a change of the existing ones because of creating a better business environment, will last two years. The first target will be the laws from the field of inspection supervision, in order for financial discipline to get stronger, and those which will ensure a simpler registration of companies.

He also says that there are many laws which do not prescribe any kind of sanction or it is predicted only for a legal or physical person, which then many use to avoid the penalties.

Unrealistic sums

From the other side, Tirak explains, some laws predict a minimum financial penalty for violation higher than 15.000 KM, which is not applicable. The existing Law on Violations of the FBiH predicts this figure as sum of the highest penalty.

-Regarding the improvement of efficiency of currently excellent Law on Violations, we will suggest some of its changes as well. For example, it is needed to create a gradation of penalty by some violations, because we usually have cases that the same penalty is being paid for those who keep one or ten unregistered workers, which is illogical – says Tirak.

Penalties in dinars

In a frame of the “small guillotine”, which will be implemented in the next month and a half, the laws and regulations related to the Federal Law on Violations, which mostly aggravates the work of inspections, will be treated. In this field there are many laws with financial penalties in dinars or German marks, and when calculated, it means that an offender needs to pay between 0.30 and 0.50 KM – Tirak says.