Oslobođenje: The Deputy Federal Minister of Finance for Treasury Business, Pero Ivošević has yesterday with coworkers held a meeting with the representatives of towns and municipalities from the FBiH.  The topic of the meeting was the upcoming introduction of the treasury business at the local level.

“The local communities will have to relate towards the public funds and funds of the tax payers very rationally. In January 2002, the Federation has introduced the treasury system of business, and by adopting the new Law on Budget of the FBiH, an obligation of treasury business at the level of cantons and municipalities, has been prescribed. By the beginning of realization it is necessary to establish the total informatics support and begin to actively apply this way of coordinating the public funds”, Ivošević has said.

By introducing the system of treasury business, significant goals are being achieved, and the most significant one is that the obligations towards the budget users do not get higher from the sum which has been predicted by budget for a certain fiscal period.  The Federal Ministry of Finances has prepared five handbooks for new users of the treasury business and they will be distributed by the end of this month, has been announced from the Ministry of Finances of the FBiH.