Transparency International of Bosnia and Herzegovina (TI BiH), in cooperation with the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Open Society Fund of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FOD BiH), the American Bar Association (ABA – ROLI) and the Regional Anti corruption Initiative, organizes presentation on the occasion of the International Day of Struggling Corruption. Presentation will be held in the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH Building (White Hall), starting at 11 o’clock.

Convention Against Corruption – UNCAC, was adopted on December 9, 2003 in Merida, Mexico, and that is when the December 9 was established as the International Day of Struggling Corruption. Since then, 103 countries ratified the UNCAC, making it the first global response to the global problem of corruption. Marking this day is at the same time both reason and good basis for organizing open discussion on the topic of state of corruption in the country and gathering of all the relevant actors from state institutions, civil society, private sector, academic community and media. On that occasion, there will be presentation of findings and recommendations of detailed analyzes of the legal framework and functioning of the institutions in BiH. These analyzes were realized during this year by the TI BiH, with the support of the FOD, based on researches, studies and the best practices of developed countries, and in accordance with the international documents BiH adopted, as well as with the Strategy for Struggling Corruption and Organized Crime which was adopted by the Council of Ministers.

During the presentation, there will also be a presentation of the Draft Law on the Anti-Corruption Body, drafted by the ABA – ROLI together with the local experts. Adoption of this Law presents the international obligation of BiH in accordance with the UNCAC.

Representatives of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office will also participate in this event.