Directorate for European Integration of Bosnia i Herzegovina organizes the Conference:  Regulatory Impact assessment (RIA) in the BiH European integration process. The conference will take place on November the 6th, 2007, in Sarajevo, in BiH Institutions Building, with the beginning at 09:30h.

The main purpose of the conference is to discuss the goal, methods and procedure of systematic use of the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in the area of transposition and implementation of the acquis communautaire and in the general policy-making process.

The conference targets BiH line institutions (ministries and government agencies) at state and entity level, who has to be encouraged to undertake and use RIAs in their work. It is also aimed at the center of the BiH government services including the General Secretariat of the CoM of the BiH, Legislative Office, PAR Coordinator Office, the DEP and the DEI. The Conference is also interesting for the donor institutions and donor-countries, which might facilitate the process and provide additional resources.        

It is planned that State Coordinator for Public Administration Reform, together with the representatives from Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, take part in this event.