Dear Excellencies,

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am pleased to welcome all the present and to have an honor to celebrate, together with you, the results of our determination, which dates since 2003., to set Public administration reform as a priority. That is the reason why this document has a huge importance in starting of one more reform which has been taken by the Council of Ministers. Keeping in mind initiated negotiations on completion of the Stabilization and Association agreement, Public administration reform presents a great priority which stands in front of all Government levels in BiH.

Economical and professional public administration is a base and guarantee for raising citizens’ standard of living and it will provide their active involvement in the process which directly concerns them. Also, market economy, private sector development and maintain of economic growth demand modern and flexible administration which will be the service for the participation of the public, since archaic and nonfunctional institutions disturb investments in private sector, hold back growth and limitate effects on reduction of poverty.

During the reform conduction, the crucial is that we ensure comprehension and support of the public in the whole process. We must explain to the public that public administration reform on these principles will be punishment for those who want nontransparent and irresponsible public administration, therefore it is welcome for those who want prosperity for this country. We will make stronger discipline in everyday work of administration in total. This is the only way that we can reach the administration which will be able to satisfy citizens’ needs in the best possible way.

Besides that, the imperative for us is to develop reliable system which will be capable to incorporate legislation and standards of EU in domestic law system, so further progress on BiH's in path towards the EU depends on administration capability to equally- like administration of the future EU member –participate in political system of EU and to contribute appropriate way on adoption, implementation and application of Aquis-a.

In any case, political and economical progress must be followed by appropriate efficient capacities which will ensure ours successful integration to EU.

Direct reform bearers in this area have to be aware that the results don't come overnight and not without great effort. Part of the obligations taken by the Council of Ministers are not constable and we will give our contribution conscientiously and responsibly; besides that we will dynamically demand including of other levels of Government in BiH in PAR with identical commitment.

I express my gratitude to all who gave their contribution in drafting Public administration reform Strategy in BiH and especially to EC and to donor countries.

I wish successful work and concrete results to all of you who will lead this process since today.

Thank You.

Speech delivered on Conference on public administration reform held in Sarajevo, June 22nd 2006