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Welcome to the redesigned web site of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office.

After nine years in service, our web site received the new looks, functionalities, and the contents. Based on the previous analyses of the web site contents, new looks has been adjusted to you, so you could have the insight, in as easiest and as simplest possible manner, in the activities of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, as well as find out more on a very important process for our country – process of public administration reform. Information on this web site aims at contributing to a better understanding of the process of public administration reform, as well as showing to you that our commitment for transparency and openness is not only declarative, but that we really are transparent and open. Multitude of documents of public significance, that we made available, demonstrate it.

We hope that this site would help you not only to better understand how the public administration functions, but that it would ensure also an open discussion on public administration reform in BiH, by measure and at service to all its citizens.

Support to the redesign of the website was provided by the Government of FR Germany within the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions in BiH, which is implemented by GIZ.

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Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office