Kenan Avdagić, expert advisor for sector reforms and Vedrana Faladžić, senior expert associate for public relations, as representatives of the Working Group for User Satisfaction Survey and satisfaction of the employees of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, presented this morning to their colleagues and the management the results of the survey / research conducted in the period from 17 September until 1st October 2018.

The target group of these questionnaires were representatives of the BiH institutions involved in the process of public administration reform through the structures of supervisory and implementation teams, as well as representatives of civil society and the media.

Surveys indicated that civil servants involved in the public administration reform process expressed dissatisfaction with the length of procedures for preparation of project documents, as well as that they expressed their satisfaction with the communication with the employees of the PARCO. Civil society representatives expressed satisfaction with the speed of delivery of the requested information and gave recommendations to the PARCO how to improve communication with this target group.

In the forthcoming period, the working group will examine the satisfaction of the employees and will present the results in the same way as today, using the world cafe technology. It is about the technique of a joint conversation – a dialogue – which in a simple and creative way enables the comparison of the participants’ thoughts and attitudes about particular problems and their possible solutions. The technique was used to present the results but also a discussion on how to use the results for the subsequent activities of the PARCO. Survey results will be available on our website in the upcoming period.

The Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office has been conducting employee satisfaction analyses in the last years as well as satisfaction analysis with the information that is in our possession. The need for systematic testing of user satisfaction on a regular basis in public administration, as one of the tools for quality management, was pointed out by the Public Administration Principles developed by the SIGMA / the OECD for the needs of the public administrations of the countries of the Western Balkan region and Turkey and published in November 2014.

The Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office has also focused on the survey of user satisfaction in the Strategic Framework for Public Administration Reform 2018 – 2022.