Over the past three years, six think tanks from the Western Balkans explored the process of public administration reform in the region, providing an insight into how civil society observes this process. How to demand better governance in the Western Balkans? Why is it important to involve civil society? Why is regional approach to improving good governance important?

The Regional Conference “Citizens First – Civil Society Requests for Better Administration in the West Balkans” will be held in Belgrade on 25 and 26 September, at which a regional report on PAR monitoring will be presented – one of the key results of our comparative PAR monitoring surveys within the WeBER project. A special session will focus on the monitoring of PAR by local civil society organizations, including stories from cities and municipalities, and the most successful local projects will be presented.

In addition to numerous representatives of civil society, government, media, members of international and regional organizations, our colleagues from the PARCO will take part in the conference. The conference will focus on the role of civil society in overseeing and supporting the process of public administration reform, in the context of EU accession.