Dear all,


The PARCO initiated the activities on preparation and presentation of this year’s Budget of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office in a special form, Budget for citizens, which we plan to publish within the next month.


That is, the Budget for citizens is a simplified, summarized version of the Budget of the PARCO. That means that it does not have to contain all the information, but only those that are of a particular interest to you. Our objective is to draft this guide through Budget in such a way to be fully adjusted to the needs of our partners and users of our services. That is why the first stage in its drafting is exactly consulting you.

Based on you responses, we would proceed with drafting this interesting guide through the Budget thus reaching the contents and the format that would be tailored to your needs and interests.

So, we kindly ask for your answers to the questionnaire you can download at

Please complete the poll by 19 March 2018 at the latest.

The Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office drafted this document for the first time last year. You can download it here.

Thank you for participating in this poll.