With the support of the Programme of Strengthening of Public Institutions, implemented by the German GIZ, the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office held yesterday in Sarajevo the meeting with the representatives of the donors investing in the public administration reform sector in BiH.

At the meeting, among other things, there was a discussion on the needs and estimates for financing of the new strategic framework for continuation of the public administration reform and on strengthening the existing and development of the new instruments of coordination. The participants of the meeting discussed also the draft Concept of donor coordination in the sector of public administration reform, which in principle received support of the participants of the meeting, but it was concluded that the draft of this document should be developed additionally, in accordance with the provided comments and recommendations.

By organising these meetings, the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office would like to ensure a coordinated approach to an efficient and effective implementation of the reform, as well as a timely exchange of information between the donors and the local authorities. Also, this way the PARCO undertakes concrete steps that are in accordance with the recommendations of the Special work group for public administration reform. These recommendations were given at the first meeting of the PAR Special work group, held in Mostar in February 2017. Stressing the importance of the donor coordination in this sector, the Special work group for public administration reform invited establishment of an efficient and functional mechanism of coordination of implementation of the new Strategy framework for public administration reform between all the levels of authority, which includes also a regular donor coordination, lead by the state.